Investing is a choice that is made by a person according to his or her goals. Each type of investment offers different benefits as well as risks that usually come with the investment. In order to maximize on what you have invested in, one must avoid making investments decision without having the full information about how the investments works. Since there is a probability of losing the money that you invest in, there is much need of learning the most basic things on how the investment works.

types of investmentsTypes of Investments List

Bonds - This is the kind of investment that is grouped in a general category that is called the fixed income securities. The word bond is used to refer to the kind of securities which are founded by use of debts. When a person buys some bonds, he or she is either lending out his or her money to the government or to a company. They then agree to give you some money in terms of interest from the money that you have given out and they will later pay you out on the money that you lent out.

Stocks - When a person buys stocks, he or she becomes part of the business. This gives a person a chance to vote at shareholders meetings and allows one to get the profit that the company is making.

Mutual Funds - This is a collection of bonds and stocks. This is a type of investment fund that you pool your money with a number of different investors that enables you to pay a professional manager who selects certain securities for you.

Certificate of Deposit - This is one of the most common investment types and it works as a savings account although it has some difference. Just like the way a savings account operates, you receive some interest on your deposit amount at regular intervals.

Exchange Traded Funds - This is a single investment vehicle that is made up from a group of stocks which represents a certain index. The index is usually a group of some stocks which represent an industry, a sector of economy or a certain part of the world.

Money Market Accounts - This works as a combination of checking account and a saving account. The money markets pay higher as compared to the traditional types of savings account. The bank usually invests your money in short-term basis just like the corporate bonds.

Real Estate - Buying houses or apartments is one of the best investments that a person can make in life. This is because this kind of investment is durable and it will always bring some income to you as well as your future generation.

Precious Metals or Objects - In the current economy, many people are investing in scrap gold as well as other precious metals and objects. This is because they have a ready market to sell or buy in case one is need.

Business - There are many kind of business that you can invest your money in that will allow you to be self employed. Establishing your own company or starting to buy and sell some products is a way to keep your money safe.

Assets - Buying durable materials such as cars, Lorries, land and any kind of asset is a way that is better to keep your money safe. An asset is something that will always appreciate in value and there are very few chances for it to depreciate in value.

Education - Getting wisdom allows one to make better decision in life. Education investment to the children as well as to youself is also a better way to get cash from employment and also from the right kind of investment.

There you have the many ways one can invest. I probably forgot some, so feel free to let me know what I might have missed in the comments below.

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